Tahitian Noni

  • TENTANG NONI NONI tumbuh liar di kepulauan French Polynesia. Manfaat Noni di Tahiti telah dikenal dari generasi ke generasi selama lebih dari 2.000 TAHUN. Buah ini sifatnya unik. Berbuah dulu baru berbunga. 1 buah lebih dari 1 bunga. Buahnya jauh lebih besar dibandingkan dengan yg ada di Indonesia & negara lain contohnya India. Daunnya pun besar. Pohon ini tidak memiliki musim. Ia akan berbuah sepanjang tahun. Yg paling unik adalah jika sering dipetik, buahnya akan tambah banyak.

Tahitain Noni

Tahitain Noni

Kamis, 22 Januari 2009

1001 Khasiat Tahitian Noni

Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice By Dr. Richard Williams ,MD

Dr. Richard Williams

1. Boost Protection from Infection – Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi and Yeast
2. Boost Surveillance and destruction of abnormal proteins and cells (Cancer)
3. Normalize disrupted function
a. Auto-Immune – Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Ankylosing Spondylitis, Multiple Sclerosis
b. Infectious – HIV, CytoMegaloVirus, Epstein-Barr
c. Stress
4. Allergy
a. Topical
b. Inhaled – Hay fever, Dust
c. Ingested – Food and other
5. Cancer – Brain, Tonsil, Lung, Thymus, Liver, Pancreas, Colon, Breast, Prostate,
Urinary Bladder, Skin
Boost – WBC and Cytokine responses
Normalize Abnormal DNA (Malignant, premalignant)
Normalize Pre-Malignant Cellular Changes (Leukoplakia, Dysplasia)
Limit Growth, Invasion, and Metastasis

Blood Related

1. Aplastic Anemia
2. Lupus (SLE)
3. Hemolytic Anemia (Coombs positive)
4. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
5. Thalasemia Major

Nervous System

1. Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA) Both hemorrhagic and occlusive (dry) types
2. Brain tumors and cerebral metastases – Before, during, and after Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy
3. Chronic Encephalitis (Japanese B encephalitis)
4. Head trauma with Coma, Concussion, Hemorrhage, Occipital blindness, Total Expressive Aphasia, Paralysis, Paresis, and Spasticity
5. Dementia – Alzheimers type and other types
6. Memory loss
7. Sleep disorders
8. Migraine and Muscle Contraction Headaches
9. Parkinsons Disease
10. Epileptic Seizures
11. Toxic Encephalopathy
12. Multiple Sclerosis (Auto-Immune Demyelination)
13. Genetic Central Nervous System Degeneration – Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia, OPCA, Motor Neuron Disease (ALS, Lou Gerhigs Disease)
14. Developmental Brain Disorders – Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (both Childhood and Adult)
15. Spinal Cord Injury
16. Periferal Neuropathy
17. Acute and Chronic Pain

Mental Health

1. Depression
2. Schizophrenia
3. Bipolar Disorder
4. Anxiety
5. Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder
6. Addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
7. Stress – Normalization of Hormones and Heart/ Blood pressure responses

Pulmonary (Lungs)
1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Emphysema (COPE)
2. Chronic Bronchitis
3. Acute Bronchitis – Viral, Mixed, Allergic and Irritant (Smoking, Pollution)
4. Asthma
5. Bronchiectasis
6. Pneumonia – Viral, Tuberculosis
8. Pulmonary Thromboembolism (Blood clot to Lungs)
9. Pulmonary Hypertension
10. Pulmonary Fibrosis – From Chemotherapy, Radiation, and post SARS


1. Hypertension (HBP)
2. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
3. Coronary Heart Disease – ASCHD, Immune Vasculitis
4. Angina Pectoris, Arrhythmias (PACs, PVCs)
5. Sick Sinus Syndrome
6. Cor Pulmonale
7. Periferal Arterial Disease – Diabetic, Auto-Immune, Arteriosclerotic with nonhealing Ulceration
8. Deep Vein Thrombophlebitis (DVT) Pain, Edema, and Re-canalization
9. Venous Insufficiency with Stasis and Ulceration
10. Rectal Hemorrhoids
11. Hormonal Vascular Instability – Menopausal Hot Flushes
12. Lymphatic Obstruction – post Surgery and Radiation Therapy

1. Hypertension (HBP)
2. Nephrotic Syndrome
3. Glomerulo-nephritis – Lupus, Post Streptococcal
4. Diabetic Nephropathy
5. Acute Toxic Nephritis
6. Chronic Renal Failure (Benefit other Systems)

Hepatic (Liver)
1. Viral Hepatitis – Virus B, Virus C
2. Toxic Hepatitis – TB medications, Zocor, Alcohol
3. Cirrhosis – Alcohol, toxic, post necrotic
4. Reactive Inflammation – C Reactive Protein, Interleukin 6
5. Amyloidosis

1. Increased Energy, Faster recovery from Work or Exercise
2. Improve Diabetes Mellitus Type II
3. Improve Liver Function – Protect from Pollution and Environmental toxins
4. Improve Serum Cholesterol
5. Improve Insulin Function
6. Anti-Oxidant – Protect from Free Radicals
7. Assist Weight Loss
8. Normalize Stress Hormones – Including Amennorhea and Infertility
9. Improve Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Functions
10. Reduce Side-Effects of Medications, Chemotherapy, and Radiation

Healing and Inflammatory
1. Accelerate healing of Acute and Chronic Injuries including Surgery
2. Heal Radiation Damage
3. Reduce Scarring
4. Reduce Swelling and Edema,
5. Reduce Airway(respiratory) Secretions
6. Reduce Bronchospasm
7. Reduce Lymphedema and post-surgical Lymphatic obstruction
8. Anti-Inflammatory – Joints – Trauma, Degenerative, Auto-Immune
Bowel - Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel
Soft Tissue

Genito-Urinary (GU)
1. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
2. Chronic Prostatitis
3. Erectile Dysfunction

1. Amenorrhea
2. Anovulatory Cycles
3. Infertility
4. Fibroids
5. Endometriosis
6. Dysmenorrhea (pain)
7. Cystic Mastitis (Breasts)

Gastrointestinal (GI)
1. Peptic Ulcer
2. Irritable Bowel
3. Inflammatory Bowel – Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
4. Constipation
5. Hemorrhoids

1. Joints – Trauma, Gout, Degenerative Arthritis, Auto-Immune Arthritis
2. Degenerative Disc Disease
3. Chronic Low Back Pain
4. Sciatica
5. Osteoporosis
6. Improved Muscle Strength, Endurance, and Recovery without pain Skin
1. Improved Complexion (Acne, Seborrheic Keratoses, Moles), moisture, turgor (youthful)
2. Reduced Scarring
3. Rapid healing of Burns and Injuries
4. Transdermal penetration to absorb swelling and heal bruising (ecchymoses, hematomata)
5. Sun Allergy and Damage (Actinic Keratoses)
6. Psoriasis
7. Eczema
8. Atopic Dermatitis

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